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Welcome to restaurants and resorts. Alqalzam fish
Alqalzam fish

We invite you to enjoy trying the delicious and wonderful Alqalzam dishes in our restaurant, which are prepared from the finest materials every day, especially for you.

Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in one of our branches. Our expert chefs have created an extensive menu that is sure to satisfy any taste

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We Alqalzam tour the Bkhialatkm on different worlds and multiple continents Ijmahaalchgv the sea and what is the innermost where it is the Arabian Peninsula land Alrsalhntaraf on the authenticity of the cooking Arab fish, which was associated with the Bride of the Red Sea, Jeddah Vtaathady in Qulzum dishes Royal Alkozy decorated with fruits, sea and fragrance of pine nuts as well as dishes Sayadia and Orzha brown With a slice of original Arabic spices and delicious Moroccan tagines from the far reaches of the Maghreb


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Alqalzam Fish Resort ..
Dhahban Road, Jeddah

They say that the taste of food has an artistic sense that many people do not have, and therefore restaurants offer each special dish similar to it, in Qulzam we offer dishes that resemble our restaurant with the highest quality standards to have a different taste between customer segments, leaving a special character and a distinctive taste, where the quality of food is considered The best things to guide you to the quality standards of any restaurant